NOKIA 3120

Spesifikasi Detil :

Full Specifications

Operating Frequency

  • Tri-band operation: GSM 900/1800/1900 in Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific and GSM 850/1800/1900 in North and South America, where these networks are supported
  • Available in the following countries in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa region: Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Turkey, Slovakia


  • Weight: 84 g
  • Dimensions: 101.8 x 42.6 x 19.4,5 mm, 67 cc


  • Capture life's best moments with the stylish Fun Camera enhancement, add a message, and share them via MMS for experiences you just can't describe in words
  • Receive messages containing text, audio, and images, which can be saved as wallpapers and ringing tones
  • Send messages containing images, audio and text to other compatible phones
  • Delivery reports for sent messages (requires network support)
  • SMS and MMS distribution lists for easy sending to multiple recipients
  • Scale images to a smaller size to reduce the message size

Display and User Interface

  • High-resolution, passive matrix color display
  • Supports up to 4096 colors within 128 x 128 pixels
  • Rhythmic backlight alert
  • 5 lines for text in basic mode with 16-pixel font
  • Adjustable display brightness control
  • Hard top keymat with 4-way (8-way for gaming) navi-key and 2 soft keys
  • Go-to menu underneath the right softkey takes you quickly to your favorite menu


  • GPRS connection for convenient 'always on' data and browsing
  • Pop-Port� and USB connector
  • Connect to PC with Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-5
  • Send/receive pictures, graphics, install applications with Nokia PC Suite for the Nokia 3120 phone
  • XHTML browser (over WAP 1.2.1 stack) for improved browsing experience and richer graphics
  • JPEG/PNG support in browser
  • Digital Rights Management (OMA forward lock) for content protection

Call Management

  • Speed dialing for 8 preset names for keys 2-9
  • Last number redial from dialed calls list (dial-key brings out the dialed calls list)
  • Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
  • Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
  • Automatic and manual network selection
  • Integrated hands-free speaker

Digital Services

  • Color wallpapers and screensavers pre-loaded in the Nokia 3120 phone
  • Add more excitement to your messages with animated picture messages
  • With exciting new Java� games like Snake EX2, Beach Rally and Bowling, you'll never have a moment of boredom
  • Download more of your favorite animated games, screensavers, and wallpapers via Java� technology (MIDP 1.0) from

Phone Features

  • Lights flash when phone rings
  • Incoming and outgoing call animation
  • 8-digit CLI (Caller Line Identification for China only)
  • Polyphonic ringing tones for richer sound
  • Local languages and character support (keymats)
  • Predictive text input for English, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysian, Chinese Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese and Thai
  • Calendar
  • Automatic key guard
  • Alarm clock with any tone as alarm
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Calculator
  • Personal shortcuts
  • Timed profiles (incl. 2 My Styles)
  • Changeable color schemes

Power Management



Talk time

Standby time

BR-5C Li-ion

820 mAh

Up to 2 hours - 6 hours

Up to 170 hours - 410 hours

Download NOKIA 3120

How to download NOKIA 3120?

1. Just click the image so that a photo appears.
2. Rightclick the mouse button.
3. Choose 'Save image as' if you're using Firefox or 'Save picture as' if you're using Internet Explorer.

How to set NOKIA 3120 on your desktop?

1. Just click the image so that a photo appears.
2. Rightclick the mouse button.
3. Choose 'Set As Desktop Background' if you're using Firefox or 'Set As Background' if you're using Internet Explorer.

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NOKIA 3120
NOKIA  3120
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