NOKIA 3108

Spesifikasi Detil :

Pen Input & Handwriting Recognition

  • Faster and more intuitive system to write text messages or enter information
  • Your creative expression gets a hand with both handwriting and keymat input
  • Built-in handwriting recognition capability in both Chinese and English
  • Enables text editing, number editing and search
  • Predictive English and Chinese handwriting input

Easy-to-do Personalization

  • Change the style according to your moods or occasion with interchangeable flat battery covers and a pocket stylus
  • Select a special picture or choose from one of the embedded themed pictures as wallpaper for your phone.

Stylish Design

  • High-resolution 4,096 color display, with 128x128 pixels
  • Fluidly designed illuminations thrill inside and out
  • Add a new dimension to your messaging experience through the handy pen stylus and touch pad or the ergonomic keymat
  • Lightweight, stylish, easy-to-grip and non-slip stylus
  • Ergonomical design includes 4-way stroll key
    Go To menu for faster, easier menu access

Personal Organizer

  • Calendar to keep track of appointments
  • Enhanced memory phonebook to keep your contacts.
  • Easier Searching mode with PinYin initial and pen input

Multimedia Messaging

  • MMS2 enables text messages with still or animated pictures and sound to be attached
  • You can even save the MMS2 images and polyphonic ringing tones you receive and use them to personalize your phone
  • Supports Multimedia Messaging service (MMS)2, Short Message Service (SMS) and Mobile QQ3 Instant Messaging application
  • Mobile QQ3 allows you to chat instantly with your friends and also make new friends on the internet to add more fun and excitement
  • Snap memorable moments with the Nokia Fun Camera1 and share it via MMS2
  • SMS with message concatenation

Data & Connectivity

  • Packet connection (GPRS)2 for convenient 'always on' data and browsing
  • Faster data call connection (HSCSD)2 for constant data transmission
  • Synchronize data (calendar, phone book) using a Nokia connectivity cable connected to your PC


  • xHTML2 browser for improved browsing experience and richer graphics
  • PC suite4 for easy communication between phone and PC
    Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Integrated hands-free speaker
  • Up to 16-polyphonic sounds to make your polyphonic ringing tones even more cool and hip


  • Volume: 84cc (with stylus)
  • Weight: 93g
  • Length: 106mm
  • Width (max): 24mm (with stylus)

Power Management

Battery Performance



Standby Time5

BL-4C Li-ion

760 mAh

up to 2hrs - 6hrs

up to150hrs - 360hrs

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How to set NOKIA 3108 on your desktop?

1. Just click the image so that a photo appears.
2. Rightclick the mouse button.
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NOKIA 3108
NOKIA  3108
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