NOKIA 1100

  • Weight: 86 g (with Nokia Battery BL-5C)
  • Dimensions: 106 mm x 46 mm x 20 mm

Dual-Band Operation

  • EGSM 900/GSM 1800

Display and User Interface

  • Large black-and-white display (96 x 65 pixels)
  • Selectable font size
  • Up to 4 lines of Latin text
  • Navigation: 2-way scroll key
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Silicon keymat with large keys
  • Menu in most European languages, Afrikaans, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Sesotho (Sotho), Swahili, Urdu, Xhosa, and Zulu

Picture Messaging

  • Send a picture greeting to other compatible phones

Text Messaging (SMS)

  • Easy SMS with local input method
  • SMS distribution list
  • Save up to 250 messages on SIM card and up to 50 in internal memory
  • Concatenated SMS for long text messages
  • Speed dialing for SMS sending
  • SMS chat
  • Predictive text input for most European languages, Arabic, and Hebrew


  • Quick and easy sending of predefined messages
  • Insert smileys in editor


  • Snake II and Space Impact+

Phone Features

  • Flashlight
  • Reminders
  • Vibration alert
  • Full-screen animated screensavers
  • Date and time screensaver
  • Internal Antenna
  • Automatic key guard
  • Alarm clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer

Ringing Tones

  • Fixed ringing tones (1 Nokia tone and 34 monophonic buzzer tones)
  • Ringing tone composer

Call Management

  • Speed dialing for up to 9 names
  • Last number redial from dialed calls list (scroll up brings out the dialed calls list)
  • Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
  • Automatic and manual network selection

Power Management



Talk time:

Standby time:


850 mAh

Up to 2 - 4.5 hours

Up to 100 - 400 hours

Download NOKIA 1100

How to download NOKIA 1100?

1. Just click the image so that a photo appears.
2. Rightclick the mouse button.
3. Choose 'Save image as' if you're using Firefox or 'Save picture as' if you're using Internet Explorer.

How to set NOKIA 1100 on your desktop?

1. Just click the image so that a photo appears.
2. Rightclick the mouse button.
3. Choose 'Set As Desktop Background' if you're using Firefox or 'Set As Background' if you're using Internet Explorer.

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NOKIA 1100
NOKIA  1100
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